pauljohnson-5-12My Experience

My practice builds upon my experience as Chief Legal Counsel to the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1996-1999), an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts (1982-1984), and an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1977-1982).

As Chief Legal Counsel to the Governor, I provided advice on a wide variety of topics relating to the operation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.  I reviewed bills enacted by the Legislature and prepared bills to be filed by the Governor.  I served as the Governor’s liaison with the judiciary, the Attorney General, the District Attorneys, the Governor’s Council, and the Judicial Nominating Council.

As the Chief of the Civil Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, I supervised defensive and affirmative litigation on behalf of the federal government.

As an Assistant Attorney General, I represented state agencies in cases involving questions of constitutional and administrative law.

I have spent approximately twenty-eight years in private practice where I have represented public and private clients in the areas of government law and related litigation.

A partial list of appellate cases that I have handled during my career is set forth below.

I am a graduate of Harvard College (B.A. 1972) and Harvard Law School (J.D. 1975).

Appellate Cases

Califano v. Westcott,
443 U.S. 76 (1979)

United States v. Ven-Fuel, Inc.,
758 F.2d 741 (1st Cir. 1985)

Agency Rent-A-Car, Inc. v. Connolly,
686 F.2d 1029 (1st Cir. 1982)

Attorney General v. Dept. of Telecommunications and Energy,
438 Mass. 256 (2002)

Levy v. The Acting Governor,
436 Mass. 736 (2002)

Levy v. The Acting Governor,
435 Mass. 697 (2002)

Weld for Governor v. Director of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance,
407 Mass. 761 (1990) (co-counsel)

Boston Gas Co. v. Dept. of Public Utilities,
387 Mass. 531 (1982)

Arthurs v. Board of Registration in Medicine,
383 Mass. 299 (1981)

Metropolitan Property and Liability Ins. Co. v. Commissioner of Insurance,
382 Mass. 514 (1981)

Hathaway v. Commissioner of Insurance,
379 Mass. 551 (1980)

Levy v. Board of Registration and Discipline in Medicine,
378 Mass. 519 (1979)